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Current River Amateur Radio Club

 Minutes of the July 12, 2014, Current River Amateur Radio Club Meeting, at the Van Buren Community Center in Van Buren, Missouri:

Members in attendance:

   Lee Branum(KL7IJG), Bob Foard(N5WNF), Mike Duncan(K0MED), Paul Price(WA0ISE), and

Ralph Case(N0IBV)

The Meeting was called to order by Club President Lee Branum(KL7IJG) at 6:00PM.

The June 2014 meeting minutes was giving by the Club's Secretary, Bob Jones(K0RPJ).

The Club's Treasury report was reported by the Club's Treasurer, Bob Foard(N5WNF), $622.42 in the bank.

Old Business:     Discussion on the uses of Club's Funds to support local charities and disbanding the club, if the club members support keeps dropping.

New Business:

          1.   Members talked about the Fremont Flood emergency communication assistance and how it  could be improved.

            2.  Kelley Conway from the Red Cross, asked Bob Foard(N5WNF) about getting more involved with the Bunker Ham Club.

            3. Bob Foard(N5WNF) talked about the club getting more involved with local events and community services to promote Amateur Radio in the community.

            4. Ralph Case(N0ISE) asked Bob Foard(N5WNF) to talk about and promote Amateur Radio on his local radio Christian radio station.

            5. Ralph Case(N0ISE) said that there will be a new 2 Meter Ham Operator at the Van Buren Free Store on Big Springs Hill the following Monday.

            6. Bob Foard(N5WNF) talked about doing more Ham Traffic on the HF frequencies and passing communication traffic as requested by other hams and network traffic.

             7.  Lee Branum(KL7IJG) talked about having an RFI Committee and how the club could help to revolve communication problems and interference problems in the local area.

             8. Lee Branum(KL7IJG) asked to see if any club members could get permission to use the Van Buren Community Center for the September's Club meeting.

              9. Bob Foard(N5WNF) talked about the July 12, double full moon for this month and next month. This is one of the 3 Super Full Moons in 2014.

              10. The next Club Meeting will be at the Twin Pines Conservation Center in Winona, Missouri on August 9, 2014.

Lee Branum(KL7IJG) closed the club's meeting at 6:45PM, and was seconded by Bob Foard(N5WNF).


Minutes of Last Meeting