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Current River Amateur Radio Club

Van Buren Repeater 146.865 minus PL 100

Two of the three Bobs in the club

Field Day

Van Buren Tower

New Ham Hannah Pender, KE0BSX, won the dr awing for a new handheld ham radiioafter passing her Technician Class License Exam.  Bob Foard, N5WNFpresents her with the Certificate of Achievement on behalf of the Current River Amateur Club.  The Ham Class was held at the Van Buren Youth and Community Center in Van Buren, MO.

Field Day 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015 was a beautiful day for doing radio.  

Bob, N5WNF, makes a contact. Bob, KB5FJJ, logs the QSO information. We were K0CRA 4A Missouri. We are capable of setting up Emergency Communication at a remote site without commercial power. Ham Radio...
When all Else Fails.  

Bob, K0RPJ, threw a wire up in a tree (sort of) to support his wire antenna.  

Kevin, N0JDW, takes a break for a photo op before making more contacts.  

Bob, K0RPJ, is battery powered with a standby generator.
All stations were battery powered.  

William, KE0BRL, made the most contacts.  

City Park Pavillion at Van Buren, MO
Marshall, N0LQX and Glen, KE0BUN put up the banners.